[Character Level 1-20] 

Characters level 1-20 will hunt monsters that are located on the outskirts of your faction’s castle. Characters can learn basic skills to hunt. It is important to increase Strength to hunt monsters in order to level up faster.

Monster Level

  • Level 1: Kobold 
  • Level 5: Draconic Cultist 
  • Level 9: Dragon Fish & Brigand 
  • Level 13: Necromantic Monk 
  • Level 16: Goblinkin Soldier 
  • Level 19: Exiled Vagabond 
  • Level 22: Mercenary 

Please note that there are no certain job classes in 12 Sky 2 Classic.  For example, characters from Noble Dragon can acquire and utilize all skills that are related to weapons without limitation. However, some skills can only be used when the right equipment is used. 

*Tip: Characters can teleport to other maps via teleport NPCs including Chief Guards located in main castles.

[Field Champion Monsters]

Characters will have chances to acquire uncommon rank items or Fortune Pouches by defeating Field Champion Monsters. However, since Field Champions are much stronger than normal field monsters, take extra caution when battling these monsters.


Gargantuan Guardian, the Field Champion Monster of Gocheon Island. 

*Tip: Increasing AP, Defense and Stamina by using Mystic Creatures will boost battle abilities to defeat those champions.


Each field has Dungeon such as Maze Diomas, Furatou Cave, Unso, and more. It might be a good idea to enter dungeons frequently to level up fast.

However, all monsters in dungeons will attack first, so be alert at all times!


Fight dungeon monsters by chaining AOE combos!

[Character Level 45-65]

Characters level 40-50 will be eligible to teleport to the next stage maps such as Bajodi Flatlands, Shangu Valley, Lujong Plains, and more to hunt higher level monsters.

There are also higher level dungeons such as Huni Cave, Koumori Cave, and Keno Ruins to acquire higher rank items by hunting high rank monsters.

Monster Level

  • Level 49: Servant of the Bells 
  • Level 52: Goblinkin Elite, Flute Maiden 
  • Level 55: Rose Assassin 
  • Level 58: Gemini Fist Monk 
  • Level 61: Sightless Fiend 
  • Level 64: Clawed Arm Mutant 
  • Level 67: Twin Sword Executioner 

[Auto Hunt Feature]

In order to use the feature, you must have an Auto Hunt Scroll (duration can be accumulated) to use and can be purchased via Medic NPC in each main castle.


  • Register Support/Passive Skills: Can register passive skills in possession by Drag and Drop in quick slots.  (Can register up to 8 passive skills upon using Auto Buff scroll.) 
  • Hunting Setup: Hunting methods can be customized as shown images above.    
  • Item Setup: Item names that you’ve input in the window can be acquired automatically although you’ve set it for Epic rank only. 

*Tip: Characters can teleport freely by using certain items:


[Character Level 65-90]

Characters level 60-65 will be eligible to teleport to the next stage maps such as Ziming Plains, Migong Valley, Shangu Valley, and Mogui Valley to hunt higher level monsters.

Dungeons within this area are divided into 2 stages to hunt:

  • Kipaku Fortress - Abiano Tomb 
  • Hisakata Caverns - Nikusu Tomb 
  • Aiyoku Shrine - Houka Caves 


Monster Level

  • Level 70: One Armed Traitor 
  • Level 73: Smog Bellower, Frozen Maiden 
  • Level 76: Blind Swordmaiden 
  • Level 79: Unholy Escort 
  • Level 82: Bound Kickmistress 
  • Level 85: Reaver 
  • Level 88: Unholy Escort Leader 

Starting from Level 60, characters are eligible to use Common Skills (regardless of which fraction you came from) to enhance character stats and abilities.

*Tip: Common Skills Info :

[Character Level 90-105]

Characters level 90+ can move to the portal located on the North of Yanggok Valley. Then, they can transfer to dungeons located in each fraction: Kusimono Cave, Rojiko Caverns and Sumizo Palace.

Dungeons within this area are also divided into 2 stages to hunt:

  • Dori Cavern - Meiyo Fortress 
  • Sakuran Maze - Togata Fortress 
  • Moku Moku Fortress - Temple Shiko 

Monster Level

  • Level 91: Soul Reaper 
  • Level 94: Hawthorn Vulture 
  • Level 97: Spirit Drinker 
  • Level 100: Hell Devourer 
  • Level 103: Maimed Mauler 

*Tip: Yanggok Valley is designed for PvP with characters from other fractions so extra caution is required.


Green: Noble Dragon - Kusimono Cave

Blue: Royal Serpent - Rojiko Caverns

Red: Grand Tiger - Sumizo Palace

Upon reaching level 100+, characters are eligible to enter a premium map called “Marolo Island” via Chief Guard NPCs.

Monsters in Marolo Island will provide additional EXP for you to level up rapidly.

[Character Level 105-112]

Upon reaching at level 100-105, characters can access the next stages including Chikurin Ravine, Shirani Path, and Reisuto River to face stronger monsters.

There are 3 dungeons located in the west:

  • Kaitsu Cavern 
  • Lijoma Caverns 
  • Temple Shiko 

We strongly recommend to hunt monsters listed below while you are in the dungeons mentioned above:

Monster Level

  • Level 106: Reanimated Master 
  • Level 109: Kitfo Warrior, Red Flute Maiden 
  • Level 112: Serpent Knight 

Recommendation: Hunt monsters in this area until your character surpasses Level 112 and reaches Master Lv 1 or 2. Then, move onto the nest area listed below to hunt Master level monsters:

  • Kagirina River 
  • River Shima 
  • Goyu Village