Download RedFox Games Downloader

Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to playing Twelve Sky 2 Classic soon! 

1. Go to Twelve Sky 2 Classic's website:


2. Click the "DOWNLOAD" button, which will re-direct you to download RedFox Games Downloader. 

3. Once the Download is complete, “Run” the program.

Installation Process

1. Select "Twelve Sky 2 Classic" and click on "Start Download".

2. Choose the location would like to install the Twelve Sky 2 Classic setup.

3. Once the extraction has completed, go to the location where you chose in Step 5 and open the Application "setup"

4. You will be asked, "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?" Click [Yes].

5. The InstallShield Wizard for TwelveSky2Classic will appear. Click [Next >].

6. Select your set up type. We recommend "Complete". Click [Next >].

7. Click [Install].

8. You should see a screen like this, allow the installation to process. Note: DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL INSTALLATION HAS COMPLETED!

9. Once the installation has completed, you will see this screen. Click [Finish].

10. You may receive the following message. Click [OK].

11. Almost there! You will now have an icon on your Desktop named "RedFox Games 12Sky2Classic". Open this.

12. You will be asked, "Do you want this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your PC?" Click [Yes].

13. You have now opened the launcher. Please allow all files to complete downloading before clicking anything on the launcher!

14. Once the launcher says "Fini" (Finished), click [Game Start].

Once RedFox's servers are open, you will be able to access the game!