Meaning of CP Reinforcement

Players can upgrade their characters to receive bonus levels. Bonus levels will increase a character's stats and they also provide a glowing Halo effect.

How to Conduct CP Reinforcement

1. Go to the Elder NPC in faction town and select the "CP RFC" option.

2. You must have at least 100CP and 1 Million Silver to Reinforce.

3. After confirming to CP RFC, one of the following options will occur (results are based on luck):
Succeed: (Bonus Lv. +1)
Fail: (Bonus Lv. +0)
De-level: (Bonus Lv. -1).

Your character's Bonus level can be viewed in the Character Info page (Hotkey: C).

CP Reinforcement Effects

Every +1 bonus level from CP Reinforcement will increase your Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Spirit by 1. Your other stats will also scale accordingly.

CP Reinforcement Tiers

Aside from individual bonus levels, CP Reinforcement also increases in tiers. Tiers will increase once every 7 bonus levels, and there are a total of 12 possible Tiers. Achieving a higher Tier will cause your Halo to adopt a new graphical effect.

Halo Effects

This is how your Halo will glow at each Reinforcement Tier.